Бейт Оле

The Haifa Association for Immigrants Absorption

Haifa offers an enhanced quality of life, bringing together outstanding people with beautiful natural surroundings – the Carmel Mountains and the Mediterranean coast.

Excellent housing opportunities at unbeatable prices.

Extensive employment prospects in a wide variety of fields.

Among the highest achievements in Israel for all educational criteria: university entrance, matriculation exams, and Ministry of Education Citations of Excellence.

Two of Israel’s leading academic institutions are located in Haifa – the Technion and the University of Haifa.

As a large city, Haifa offers a wealth of quality cultural and social activities in the schools and in the community – 16 youth movements, active student organizations in all schools, community sports and youth centers, Jewish enrichment studies, programs for remedial learning and more.

Haifa has a wide variety of cultural and leisure time organizations, such as the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, museums, the Haifa Zoo, the Municipal Theater, the Madatech Science Museum, prestigious international annual festivals, and special events for children and youth.

Haifa offers a discount of 90% for olim on Haifa Municipal taxes and a discount for returning residents in accordance to their income level.

Coordinator for English speakers: Smadar Stoller-Porat smadar@olimhaifa.co.il